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Argus Controls

Argus provides automated control systems for horticulture, aquaculture, and related biotechnology industries. Our capabilities include facilities automation and specialty monitoring and control applications to support the needs of our customers.


Viaduct sheet metal ltd.

Viaduct will be recognized as the leading provider of ventilation systems for commercial, institutional and high-rise residential projects at the right price and a quality that the customer expects and deserves.

BMW Ducati Vancouver

Thriving within the Vancouver motorcycle community ever since our doors opened in 1999, What makes us so successful is our core value of “it’s our people that make the difference”. This recognizes the essential importance of our people to the success of our business. Engaged people drive customer loyalty and are at the heart of the relationship model. We measure our success by the extent to which we engage every person such that every role is performed with excellence. We believe that we must have the right people, those with the right talents, skills and knowledge, in the right roles, those required to meet our clients’ needs and the right leaders, those who model leadership behaviors. Who recognize, support and challenge their people  so they can be the best they can be for our customers. 

Sabre Industrial supplies ltd.

The mission at Sabre Industrial Supplies is to be the best service provider in our trading area. Our success depends on extensive product testing and complete employee training. We believe in building long term relationships with our client and supplier partners to achieve ongoing success for all. We are a member shareholder company of IDI Independent Distributors Inc. ,an association of over 100 Canadian Independent Distributors joined together to advance the betterment of our members, customer and supplier partners.

HDAS Law Corporation

Hamilton Duncan is a business and litigation law firm based in Surrey, British Columbia. We are one of the largest, most established and well respected law firms in the Fraser Valley, having served businesses, institutions, and individuals throughout the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley since 1959. We are a full-service firm, and we boast a strong track record of assisting our clients to achieve their goals and objectives by providing experienced, innovative, and superior legal services.

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